Terms, Conditions & Reporting Requirements for a grant approved by the Cruden Foundation

We understand and agree that:

  1. The grant will be used only for the exact purpose specified in the approved application as summarised above, and for no other purpose.
  2. If the Cruden Foundation elects to make a grant to this charity or project, they are not obligated to make future donations to this charity/project.
  3. If we are seeking to acknowledge the Cruden Foundation in any publicity material, we will seek prior consent via email at We will supply copies of all these documents if requested.
  4. We agree that the Cruden Foundation can use our name and the name of our project in its own publicity materials, and we will inform them of any situation where confidentiality is a particular issue.
  5. If we do not spend the entire grant, we will promptly return any unspent balance to the Cruden Foundation, or seek consent for the funds to be spent otherwise by email to
  6. The Foundation shall have the right to cancel an award intimated or recover an award which has been released in the event that the work it was intended to fund subsequently varied by agreement between the Foundation and the applicant.
  7. We understand that the Cruden Foundation will not be obliged to increase the amount of the grant if we overspend.
  8. We will inform the Foundation with regular updates as appropriate.
  9. We keep all financial records and accounts. These records will be made available to the Cruden Foundation on request. We understand that this does not release us from our legal responsibility to keep records for a longer period.
  10. We would ask that should a notifiable event be reported to OSCR/Charity Commission, including any significant event involving a child or vulnerable adult, during the period of funding, that we are notified within four weeks of the incident. We acknowledge and appreciate that the reporting of such an event is a sign of you having robust systems and will work with you to determine the impact, if any, on our funding arrangement.
  11. The Trust reserves the right to withhold an award or require repayment:
    1. If it learns that any false or misleading information has been deliberately provided to the Foundation.
    2. If the applicant becomes insolvent, or goes into administration, receivership or liquidation.
    3. If the applicant loses its recognition as a charity by either the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator or the Charity Commission.
  12. We give permission for the Cruden Foundation to record the information given in this form electronically and understand that personal information will be treated confidentially. All information will be held in line with GDPR and other relevant legislation. The only purposes the information will be used for is deciding whether, or not, a grant can be awarded to your charity.